Solar power yacht and cruising the waters fuel free

The green bug has not only bitten the flights and automobiles but also water-body based transportation to a greater level. Latest addition called solar yacht stands evident to this. With the increase in water tourism which is seeing a greater surge than the other methods, the green concept needs to be included in the water transportation arena as well. Designers from Fiten Solar team in collaboration with Cree and Squall Yacht seems to have understood the needs well and had joined to bring together a wonder combination of green sailing in tourism. The result of this is the solar powered boats that work on the renewable energy concept.

No compromise in luxury and functioning is made to give form to the green yacht. This luxury yacht is of the 6.2 x2.4 sq m and will be powered by the solar power or any of the photovoltaic means. Speed factor have also been taken into account and the yacht gives 8 km/hr with the maximum speed touching a 14 km/hr. The best part is most of the electric energy for the equipments inside the yacht is taken care by the energy generated in the transit. Eco friendly boats like this would definitely bring in a lot of benefit to the environment and in the longer run will become the most sought after means.

You could enjoy a peaceful and distraction free journey in the yacht as it does not create the irritating noise usually generated out of the yacht that are fuel powered. Thus the green yacht travel is the ideal get away from your tedious and monotonous lifestyle. The success of the concept have given rise to the increase receptiveness to the green marine transport and thus opens up new avenues for eco-friendly means in the marine world such as eco friendly ship.


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