Even the huge stores can be green

even-the-huge-stores-can-be-green It has been found by companies that maintaining an eco-friendly supply chain can help them in saving lots of money. Becoming green is the biggest pursuit that the corporate world has taken to, since outsourcing. They have been spending a fortune in order to re-brand themselves to be green, with special focus being given towards the protection of endangered forests, recycling, management of water consumption and sourcing local products.

But, the fact is that companies are consumers in one or the other way. Similar to shoppers, they also purchase their goods that act as the components in their products. And, it has been found that the companies that provide them with these gods also need to become green in order to turn the whole chain into a green one. This is known as an eco-friendly supply chain. Accenture, a management consulting company, maintaining an eco-friendly supply chain helps in saving money.

Each and every company has a supply chain. It involves the procedure through which they manufacture their goods and sell them to consumers. So as to ensure an eco-friendly supply chain, companies need to make sure that they themselves and also their suppliers should sustain water supply and wood in the areas of their operation.

The different features of environment-friendly supply chain vary according to the industry. In grocery, purchasing large amount of fruits and vegetable ensures that the product travels smaller distance between the field and the table of the consumer. For the electronic industry firms, the procurement of minerals like tantalum, tin, cobalt and others is the part of environment friendly supply chain as these minerals are specifically mined in developing nations where there is a highly sensitive environmental implication.

However, there are some fundamental facets of eco-friendly supply chain that influence each and every industry. For instance, all the companies want to minimize the waste and the use of energy.

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