Green star is ready to offer tones of help in recycling

green-star-is-ready-to-offer-tones-of-help-in-recycling Greenstar North America is opening up a single-stream recycling facility in Des Moines, Iowa. This facility is expected to process up to 15 tons of materials on an hourly basis. This initiative of Greenstar will increase the capacity of recycling happening in this place by five times per hour. This facility is a great indication of good recycling functions in the regions of Des Moines.
In this single-streamlined recycling, all the materials that are to be recycled are collected together. Nowhere in the process will an assortment of materials be found. Usually, people need to assort the materials as papers, containers and collect them in separate bags. This is a painstaking process. With this single-stream concept, there is no assortment required. Both collection and processing of recycling materials takes place in a combined form. After the introduction of stream-lined concept in this area, the recycling activity in the area has increased visibly by 30 percent.
Greenstar has made an investment of 4 million dollars in this plant more effective. The plant which could earlier recycle only 3 tons material can now recycle up to 15 tons. The company has also added 21 more employees to meet with the growing needs of the plant.
Kelley McReynold, Greenstar General Manager, is also excited about the whole lot of change this plant may bring up in the city of Des Moines. He said that Greenstar is also looking forward to reduce the costs by getting the commercial partners to invest on the technology, thereby making the functioning effective and also cost-effective. It will serve the purpose of producing great recycling solutions at a lower cost.
The city has showed an increase in the participation rates. The recycling participation rate in the city is 56 percent, the participation rate in the suburban Urbandale is 66 percent and in Grimes it is 77 percent.

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