Reusing wood pallets for original decorative purposes

Wood pallets cannot be used after they have facilitated the shipping of certain products, right? Wrong! There are numerous kinds of wood pallets that are made of high quality wood, like walnut and so they are just perfect for reuse. There are a lot of items that you could create with their help, such as headboard, bookshelf, dining table or accent wall.


To make the best of the recycling, you should be looking for those pallets that haven’t been used for overseas shipping, so that they haven’t been chemically treated. Then let them sit in the sun for a week and in the end, sand them.


Want a new headboard? All you have to do is to lean a wood pallet against the wall. We might say that this is the top of green décor.

Another idea that you could be thinking about is to create display shelves in a store made of wood pallets. All you have to do is to cut them in half and place them on top of each other without any other kinds of alterations. The idea is great for a drying rack as well, but you could use it in a studio and in the kitchen too.

In case you are striving for green living, you should also think about turning a wood pallet into a coffee table. All you need for this is the wood, hardware, paint, legs and the glass top.


A very good idea to recycle the wooden pallets is to create a platform bed. It is very easy to create this. Use 4-6 pallets and add a mattress to the top of it. If you would like a higher bed, all you have to do is to stack the pallets.

Remember that practical recycling is the best form that you can think of.

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