Pyramid scheme or how to make your home more energy efficient

pyramid-scheme-or-how-to-make-your-home-more-energy-efficient We already knew that Hunt Utilities Group is one of the best companies when it comes to development of technologies that supports sustainable living and environmental friendly building.
This time the company served as an example to another company, famous for its renewable initiatives- Minnesota Power.
Minnesota Power is the biggest company in Northeastern Minnesota and Northern Wisconsin and serves nearly 144,000 electric customers. The company was inspired by one of the Hunt Utilities product- the pyramid of conversation and has improved its structure to a new level.
Minnesota Power`s Pyramid can easily be named the best criteria for green homes. The company helps the potential buyers of green homes with interactive graphics with determinations about energy efficiency project. After releasing the Pyramid of conservation it will be no longer difficult to recognize a real green project. The pyramid has 10 levels and each of them contains several criteria’s for green building and energy efficiency- climbing the levels means more expensive projects, but also better technologies for approaching real green projects.
The meaning of releasing this pyramid is also for the residential context. You can also find where your home stays, compared to the energy efficiency scale. The creators of the pyramid have been entering all kind of criteria’s for building an absolute friendly environment project.
You can see levels with breaking energy uses, reducing lighting accounts in the commercial buildings, as well as heating options from renewable resources. This energy scheme could be also useful for potential builders of eco- home, as it gives several ideas for building the perfect innovated and efficient home. Of course the rules displayed on the pyramid are not taken for granted. It is just another convenient way to find out more about how to enter into the world of sustainable living, energy efficiency and reduction of the bad emissions in your home.

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