Carbon neutral communities or green science applied


Countries have become quite aware about environmental conditions now and this can be seen in their efforts to lower down their carbon emissions. There are some techniques which they are… Read More

The Great Global Warming Swindle – Produced by WAGTV

WAGTV, this documentary is available from
“An absolutely phenomenal documentary.” Glenn Beck, Syndicated talk show host
Everything you’ve ever been told about Global Warming is probably untrue.… Read More

Energy harvest is actually possible.


Nowadays, there are various brand-new ways to convert energy from one type to the others. The presence of piezoelectric materials makes us to think about the abundance of possible sources… Read More

Patkau architects ready to take on a progressive architecture idea


Fallingwater is considered as one of the great reservoirs of global talents in the field of architecture. It has grown up with the mission to spread architecture in all forms… Read More